Just a simple vim notes file. Nothing of much intrest but I want to be able to refere to this and it might be a bit useful?


:tabe (file)   This will open a new tab.
gt   is next tab
gT   is for previous tab


CTRL-w + HJKL   Movements around splits.
CTRL-w + V   Vertical split of the same type as you are on already
CTRL-w + <   Resize split to the left. Though it only moves it a little, you will need to change that in the config
CTRL-w + >   Resize split to the right (same as above)


:term   opens a terminal window
CTRL-w + N   Enters visual mode
i   Escape visual mode

Spell Check

Spell check is enabled for md files, I want to add this for git as well.
]s   Move to previous spelling mistake
[s   Move to next spelling mistake
z=   List suggested spelling corrections when hovering over a word that is incorrect