Vim Notes

Just a simple vim notes file. Nothing of much intrest but I want to be able to refere to this and it might be a bit useful? Tabs :tabe (file) This will open a new tab. gt is next tab gT is for previous tab Splits CTRL-w + HJKL Movements around splits. CTRL-w + V Vertical split of the same type as you are on already CTRL-w + < Resize split to the left....

Thu, Mar 21, 2024

Better Floatplane RSS

Some time ago, I created an RSS feed for Floatplane using bash scripting. Initially, all the channels were combined into a single feed. However, I have recently rewritten the script in Golang and made it accessibe on my site link. The updated version of the RSS feed now includes several enhancements. These include image thumbnails, channel icons, and separate listings for channels with sub-channels.

Tue, May 9, 2023

OUTDATED! NOT UPDATING! We have TOR support, and you can too!

OUTDATED! I have not intention or want to update this. The bellow is basicly ripped strait from the tor site but I thought I would rehash the apache stuff. This is basicly just me announcing that my site is now avalible through tor. I have also configured apache to put a coustom header that displayes on the tor browser that my website is avalible via tor. If for any reason I lose my domain, my words are still avalible there. Happy reading! ...

Mon, Oct 10, 2022

RSS Floatplane

EDIT: this is now old! Please refere to my newer blog post. I created a simple script that exports both LTT and Level 1 Tech RSS feeds for floatplane. Please feel free to use it. Just to be clear this gives no access to any video’s with out a subscription. ...

Sun, Oct 9, 2022